CRT SCRATCHES I have successfully removed deep scratches from a CRT using the following method: 1. Use"Wet-or-Dry" emery cloth (sandpaper) WITH water. Try no. 600 first and use only as course as necessary to make the actual scratch disappear. Don't worry about the scratches made by the emery cloth. 2. Then use finer and finer emery cloth until the "new" scratches are very fine (using no. 600). 3. Now you need to have a VERY small diameter buffing wheel and some jeweler's rouse (wrong spelling?). You can get or order those from a shop that installs glass. 4. This stuff makes a mess so try to do the job outside. Buff the fine scratches out with the rouse and plenty of water. It may take a long time but the scratches will disappear if you keep with it. Thanks to Bil Green