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Daewoo VCR repair tips

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DVF*** Goes into play, shuts down, no reel movement, capstan rotates. Idler plate, RCA #230519
DVF28N Dead Q-1, Q-2, opto(3131R), D809(18v, 1w zener); D820(33V 1w zener); R806 (68 ohm 2w), R809(10 ohm 1w)
DVF48N Poor pic in play back, looks like bad heads Solder poor connection in video head amp module, esp. the edge connector pins.
DVF54N AGC overload, worse on strong stations C316(1/50v) off pin 4, gnd IC01, inside tuner IF section.
DVN14F6N Dead Check IC803(7806), pin 1(8.4v), pin 3(5.4v). Pin 3 should be 6v. Repalce IC
DVP1262N Snow, no pic, audio OK Remove head amp, solder socket H306
DVR4280N Dead Change value C818 330uf/10v in power supply
DVR5088N *Capstan speed not regulated

*Play back ok initially, then gets worse, osd comes on intermittently

*Leads at connector PT01 too long and shorted

*Replace lower cylinder

DVR5280N Intermittently blows 2 amp fuse Wiring harness shorted to under side deck