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EV306N Erractic operation, load motor keeps rotating when tape is ejected. Replace all led sensors on main pcb. (TST5811 & DSIR481Y)
TC0561 No video, no audio, raster with G2 turned up Q905 bad (ECG290A)
TC0910R Will not completely turn off, screen goes blank, faint OSD, faint audio Power relay sticking
VCP665(Goldstar) All works fine, in FF/REW, clutch won't engage Mode switch is off one tooth
VCR660 Dew light is on Loose wire connection on CD3
VCR754 *No drum rotation

*Play back alternates clear to snow, drum motor pulses.

*33/25v smd cap, on lower drum -or-Replace lower drum

*Leaky sm caps on drum motor, 33/25v

VCR755 *Shuts down in 10 secs.

*No load functions

*Ejects when loaded, capstan not turning

*Lightning damage

*Review arm blocking roller

*Replace shorted zener off IC03

*IC2001 (OEC9008B) check pin 2 for 2.5v. If lower, replace IC, if higher, check other coponents

*Replace fuses, IC1003(BA6247), R1033(10ohm,1w)

VCR765N *Load/ejects erracrically, hangs up in process, load motor strains, belts OK.

*Loads tape real slow, or stops

*Loads tape, no display, no functions

*Clean mode switch, tighten screws

*Load motor #1596P58008

*Front control panel IC601

VCR767 Eats tapes while in reverse. Adjust supply reel band.
VCR870 *Unit won't accept tape, intermittently.

*Will not turn on.

*Clean mode switch.

*Check mode switch alignment, or clean.

VCR872 Intermittent display and other functions Check solder Q2505
VCR874 Cylinder runs after eject. 10uf cap on capstan pcb.
VCR877 *No power

*No video, audio OK.

*Reset micro, ground reset button for 10 secs to chassis.


VCR951 No functions Check ICP201
VCR952 Intermittently eats tapes Grease under idler is stiff, remove
VCR954 Acts like bad capstan, no tracking Repair solder, CY602
VCR964 *Plays too fast

*Occasionally won't take tape.

*Is roller engaged w/ capstan? clean mode switch

*Mode switch

VCR968 *Intermittently eats tapes, usually in rew search.

*Locks up in rew search, video p/b intermittently poor.

*Check for missing split washer on idler.

*Check for missing e-clip on capstan shaft.

VCR3000 Jumps from Sp to Lp in playback. C11(47/16v), off pin 29 of 42 pin IC on main pcb.
VCR3002A *No t/u in play, tape spills

*No audio in p/b & Rec.

*Load eject problems

*Won't accept/eject, tape jammed.

*Bend idler pivot shaft for better gear contact

*Replace audio head assembly

*Mode switch

*REF#405 p/n 850P900561, gear on carriage which controls main cam, on carriage.

VCR4000 *Tracking problems

*Press stop, unit shuts down.

*Loads tape around heads, shuts off

*Replace pinch roller

*Mode switch

*Mode switch

VCR4003 *Erractic operation.


*Parts info

*Clean mode switch, tighten screws.

*Transformer open 401570216

*D512 (DT28EQS040, Schottky 11ESQ04TA1)

*D513 (D28TOAK040, schottky barrier AKO4V)

VCR4010A *Loading problems.

*Rewind starts, then stops. Rapid clicking sound.

*FF starts then stops. Rapid clicking sound.

*Right inside, bottom of carriage is missing spring.

*Replace t/u counter gear #850A20049

*Replace supply counter gear #850A20050

VCT120 *Parts ID

*No vertical deflection, line not full width

*R467, 10 ohm, 1/4 watt fusible

*Vertical out IC (LA7835), C476(3300/35v), R467(10-1/2w)

VR4250 Dead D809, 821(18V) & D818, 820(33V) shorted. Intermittent connection @ emitter of Q803. Re-solder and replace bad parts. Check R809 (10/1W) & Q801(2SC4662).
VR4450 Mode switch 5SSFMDKM10
VT1320 Squeals at turn on Q402(2SD1554) HOT, R506, R508, Check D509(NTE570), C509(10/100v), check grounds.
VT1321 *Pic, audio unsteady, sides pulled in.

*Shuts off after several minutes

*Reg chip STK7348, cap-10/100v near reg.

*Poor solder R448, T401

VT1322A *Dead, fuse OK

*No response from VCR, load motor turns one revolution

*No video from tuner


*Clean mode switch

*30v down to 5.5 on tuner. Replace tuner.

VT1921 *Dead, lound squeal


*No audio, playback or TV

*H-Out transistor shorted, C441, C518, C435

*D503 off transformer-130v zener

*IC351, AN5265

VT1922A Dead, no relay click IC501(STK730-010, ECG7125), R502 1m, 1/4w, pin1, T501
VT2522D Dead, flashing red light Bad connectors-R446, R448, D519; open C413(100/35v), D411 shorted, IC402(LA7838) bad
VT3110A *No Hor/VERT. sync.

*Distorted audio, TV only, VCR ok

*Push power, relay clicks, 1 sec later, clicks off. VCR takes tape, loads, unloads, shuts down.

*Regulated voltages drop, relay clicks

*Part ID

*Dead, may accept tape, no eject.

*Check for 10vdc pin2(ic604), pin 10(CP820), run jumper

*Dirty contacts audio inputs.

*Change horizontal out transistor 2SD1427(ECG2331)

*Replace HOT(Q406), C418

*D512(ECG579), D610(ECG519)

*D121 (5.6v zener--IC101, 11-14), ICP502 in power supply

VT9110A *Video audio wavy, looks like capstan servo problems

*Dead, may accept tape, but no eject

*No power on

*Re-solder IC1001

*D121 (5.6v zener) off IC101 (pin 11-14), ICP502 in power sup.

*IC101, OEC3025A, TV micro

VT2522D *Dead-blinking red light

*Vertical retrace

*Bad connections R446, R448, D519. D41 shorted(ECG580), IC401(LA7838)

*C413(100/35v), IC402(LA7838)