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F9TRD1 Blow fuse when DC is plugged in Check for broken DC jack
F13TRB1 Dead C1026(470/10v); C1025(470/16v)
F13TRG1(L13TRG, TVCR13G) *VCR shuts down in 10 secs. will not rew @ end of tape

*Picture pulls in from sides

*Play mode shuts down 10 secs


*Replace center LED, end sensors, clean mode switch

*Q601(2SC4953) runs hot. Replace w/ 2SC4507

*D205 LED(QPQSSLR938CV) Prism(OVM302723)

*Power supply-Q601, D618, C602, R614

F19TRE1 Parts ID D601(15v zener), IC602(6v reg-AN7806F)
F3813C Power shuts off after a few seconds, load motor tries to run in unload direction IC201, syscon micro
FC900T *Shuts off

*Pic size pulse in/out.

*Replace Q1012(A1318, ecg294), Q1008(2SC3199, ecg85)

*Q1011(2SB1136), Q1012(2SA1318-NTE294)

FP206G Will not accept tape, REW flashes Replace center LED
TVVCR's Dead Check 6-v regulators, check power supply caps for low ESR