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GHV1265m Won't always load tape around heads Replace load motor
GHV1270M No clock display C115, C116(220/16v). Check other caps in power supply
GHV1905m *After power, tries to load empty carriage.

*No color in play back.

*Will not accept cassette, no voltage to load motor

*LED #ODL331100AB, Zenith #903-01487-01, compare anode before removal.

*IC302(LA7317, NTE15038)

*IC502 (BA6209N)

GHV4710M Loads intermittently Replace center LED
GHV9000M Rip/tear in play back, loud buzz, pic rolls Caps in power supply. 2200/25v & 2-100/63v.
GVPB135 Eats tapes Bracket assembly #321-397D.
GVPC125 Eats tapes, bad ff/rew, slow erasing Capstan motor #414-120B
GVPC135 Dead P1F01 & IC101(KIA7806P-ECG926)-6v reg
GVRA445 Plays, speeds up, shuts down Re-solder lower drum board. Look for cold joints, sys. control.
GVRB435 Capstan motor fails to stat, or intermittent. C116,C117,C109,C110,C428,C427 left rear of main pcb.
GVRB445 Capstan runs at plug-in, nonstop IC101 (AN7806) p/n KIA7806P
GVRC235 *Powers up, display error code, power flashes

*Stops in rew/ff mode, capstan hot.

*Load motor IC

*Broken clip on t/u reel.

GVRF235 LED ODL581100BA Sensor #6871-108F
GVRF435 *LED ODL581100BA

*SMPS squeals, chopper transistor over heating

*Sensor #6871-108F Zenith #903-01487-01

*QP02, E-B short 2SC1006

GVRF445 *LED ODL581100BA

*Loads cassette, shuts down, may FF for a few secs.

*Sensor #6871-108F Zenith #903-01487-01

*Mode switch

GVRF455 Will spit tape back out, works fine w/ cover off. Replace center LED
KMV9050A Dead, fuse OK C1852, C1809,C1822
RE22M Will not load cassette Load control IC BA6209
RG10M Rew/ff intermittent Ratchet lever #333-208A
RV41M No color, lines in picture IC101, Q105