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13VR3B Goes into play, plays fast Check joints at pin1, PG0422/P1121
13VR8B *Won't turn on


*Shuts down

*Plays few seconds, shuts down


*D622 shorted(SK5103A), R614 open (1/5w)

*Inspect prism, VCR deck

*Center LED (4835 1348 7139)

19VR7B Dead unit. Replace IC670(6v reg), check R609 solder connection, or replace (15k/2w)
FX613A No play back, REW/FF, but threads Replace pulley assembly,under bracket.P/N KX11444
VT88A No clock, all other functions OK C1201, on preset board (220/25v)
VT330A Keeps ejecting, loading, until auto stop. Cassette housing has jumped gears.
VT1315A When cold, no display & unit won't turn on Replace C871(47/25v) & 1000/10v, beside it in power supply.
VT1800A Shuts down when power on. Replace capstan motor, shorted.
VT2005 Dark, or no EE video IC201
VT2100A No play, FF, REW. ICP602-Cpastan motor driver-M54645AL
VT3040A Hum and bars in play back C866(3300/16v)
VT3050A *Shuts off in p/b, REC.

*Capstan runs all the time

*Replace belts.


VTF330A *Shuts off in play/REC.

*Squeal from power supply

*Check idler, check Q862 (2SD1765).

*C15(1/50v), C5(4.7/250v), check IW126, idler clutch

VTF350A *Dead, fuse blows

*Will not accept, intermittent tape load

*D853, D854 (1SR35-100a)

*Replace capstan belt, lube capsta shaft.

VTF351A Intermittent load of cassette, or eject IC753(XRA6209U), replace w/ BA6209, ECG1716
VTF362A No audio after 20 mins-tuner & play back Replace IC503, can use Sony-SBX1637-11.
VTF371 *Won't play EP, shuts down

*Excess tape not being taken up

*Replace t/u reel table, or repaint black interupter segments on bottom.

*Worn brake pads.

VTF380A No rew, rev search. REW 2 secs, powers off. Replace micro.
VTF382A *Intermittent snow after 30 minutes of playing

*Plays tapes fine, when tape is rec. on this unit-poor tracking, unstable

*Clean shaft & bearings of capstan. Lubricant dries.

*Remove capstan and remove all old lube, from shaft bearings-apply fresh.

VTF390A(391A) *Dead, no functions

*Tape stops after 45 mins.

*C914 (0.1mf-50v ceramic disk)

*Clean/lube capstan shaft.

VTF391A(390A) *Dead, no functions

*Tape stops after 45 mins.

*C914 (0.1mf-50v ceramic disk)

*Clean/lube capstan shaft.

VTF440A Low level OSD in cold. Change R1418(18K) to 10K
VTF441A *Parts ID

*Dead, no display

*D7, in power supply-MA2180A or 5336811 or 202093.

*D7(MA2180-18v zener), C17(470/35v), C19(330/35v), C21(1000/6.3v).

VTF462A No play Check reflectors on reels
VTFX600 *Cylinder speed off


*C18(470/16v), C22(100/10v), in power supply

*Look for open resistor off chopper transistor

VTFX600C Tape end, begin sensors intermittent Replace carriage
VTFX601AC Dead IC002, 5v reg, TC10764
VTFX613 Ejects tape on load Mode switch
VTFX631A Eats tape, shuts down. Mode switch
VTM121A *Dead

*No power, display

*Dark video that bends, pulls, audio OK

*Playback pic B&W

*R852(8.2), C880(.022uf)

*IC753, R852(8.2), C880, D886, ZD754

*C1251, C1253 (47/16v)

*Check head cylinder orientation

VTM141A Dead Open R852(8.2 @ 1/4 w), C880(0.022) leaky.
VTM150A No play back audio, video OK, tuner audio OK. C406 (1uf/50v)
VTM151 *T/U reel stops intermittently

*Shuts down, eats tapes

*Idler on top, riding high in pivot rod, push down.

*Clutch 6804834

VTM181A Dead QF852 hidden under caps in power supply.
VTM231A Plays, stops after 20 minutes Capstan bearings, MCM #32-6400
VTM240AW Eats tapes while in play back & eject. Replace felt pads on idler assembly.
VTM261A Dead R852(6.8 ohm, 1/2 watt) in power supply.
VTM265 Low audio, tape only C406(1/50v)
VTM272A *Dead

*No tuner or playback.

*QF851, QF852 open

*ZD864(18v zener) & C862(47/16V)

VTM281A Dead, no display IC's on power supply, Q805 shorted, IC864(5.6v reg)
VTM291A *Intermittently eats tapes

*When channel selected, lines, no pic, or B&W pic

*Change tension band

*0.1 uf cap(CQ316) on open end of tuner.

VTM292A Capstan intermittent Pre-heat ceramic substrate on capstan motor. re-solder hall effect sensors
VTMX421A Stops after a few minutes Replace D501, re-solder end sensors.
VTUX605A Chews tapes at end of rewind Remove deck. Main t/u pulley slips out of notched shaft. Reform plastic tabs.
VTUX615A Intermittent ff,rew,search, locks up X901, X902 are located too close to capstan belt, remove and place on bottom of pcb.
VTUX617A *Unit makes gear noise in ff/rew, no play back

*Intermittent ff,rew,search, locks up

*Replace main clutch(KX11444), under deck

*X901, X902 are located too close to capstan belt, remove and place on bottom of pcb.