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ALL *Bad head switching

*Crinkling tape.

*Replace silver filter cap, 3.3/4.7uf lower drum, use radial cap.

*Check reatiner caps, bottom guide posts, file guide rails.

HRA22U Tape hanging out of cassette during eject Replace brake lever @ t/u reel, #4835 4645 7196
HRA32U Erractic capstan motor, comes on as soons as power on. Mode switch.
HRA41U *No display, no functions.

*Dead, no display

*Bad IC1201, front panel(UPD16312GB).

*D860, zener, in secondary of power supply

HRA53U Parts ID IC1201-UPD16312GB-4835 2098 8168
HRA63 Loads/unloads with no tape in. Solder end sensors
HRD*** *Won't play tapes

*Loss of part of picture to noise bar

*Replace cam control gear & half loading arm.

*Change 3.3/50v smd on lower drum pcb, use radial.

HRD62 Won't load cassette Open ICP 602
HRD151 When cold, loads tape around heads, powers off. Works fine after warm. Grease on gear next to power supply heat sink has hardened, apply fresh.
HRD370U Capstan doesn't rotate, tape loads/unloads. IC402
HRD470U Intermittent no video/tuner op. Leaky C307 on front panel.
HRD550U Snow bar in play back-looks like bad heads Replace C6, 3.3 SMD on lower drum
HRD566U Loads tape, plays a second, then unloads Clean lens on opto mode switch.
HRD570U Unit shuts down in threading, or plays a few secs. Check caps near transformer.
HRD610U Intermittent tracking Supply post loose in base, tighten set screw.
HRD620 Capstan, cylinder motors don't rotate No +5v on IC1 in power supply, STK5474, replace
HRD670U Noise bars or tracking problem in playback Check retainer pins, bottom of guide posts, glue in place
HRD740U Dead, no display, functions C33, 120/6.3v
HRD750 Power supply dead, fuse OK. Glue on PCB had become conductive, clean and spray board with laquer.
HRD780U No power, cycles at plug in C20, 1200/10v & C38, 470/25v.
HRD850U Poor play back video, guide not seated at V-stops Pin from bottom of guide came out
HRD860U *Dead, no clock

*No clock, power supply voltages low


*Tries to load empty tray

*Shuts down in play

*R5 open (68k-1/4w), clean glue

*Shorted D7(15v-1/2w) in power supply

*C28-4.7/50v, C33-120/16v

*PH3 photo sensor, PU60629 on carriage.

*Q5 in power supply shorted (2SD1468)

HRD865 Dead, SMPS squeals, shuts down, nothing shorted/open. C33(120/6.3v) D13, D14 in power supply
HRD870U *No power.

*No audio

*Loses memory

*C33(120/16v), replace with higher voltage



HRD940U Dead unit, no display C33, 120/6.3v in power supply open.
HRD970U *Noise bar in play back pic, drum PG shifter changes

*No response from panel buttons

*Bad cap, cylinder motor-C6-3.3/50v

*Check jog-shuttle connector. May be off, reposition it.

HRDX20U Capstan motor inop. C602 100/6.3v
HRDX22U *Tries to load empty carriage.

*No display

*CP601, ICPN25

*R11, in power supply 100 ohm

HRDX4 Display OK, no power on 2 Caps in power supply, 680/16v
HRDX40U *Poor video in p/b, captan changes speed

*Erases tape in play back.

*Q801 2SC1740S

*IC601 (M37417M4-134SP)

HRDX42U Display flashes, no power on. D605.
HRDX62U *No power, clock display

*1/4-3/4 of pic, rest is snow.

*Tracking problem

*Ejects tape

*No power. 5v standby missing (TP805) main PCB

*ICP in power supply, ICPN20

*3.3/50V lower cylinder

*3.3/50v on lower cylinder

*Replace guide arm assembly #PQ43567A-8

*Q805, 5v regulator

HRDX64U Occasionally eats tapes Mode switch
HRDX642UM In rew. search, tape spools. Mode switch.
HRJ200U Load tape, auto eject Check tape wheel belt, tape lift(Gear wheel) is not in place. Mode switch.
HRJ400U Loads tape, will not unload BA6418N IC
HRJ410U *No display

*No display all functions work

*D860 (RD15ES-T1B1), check R803

*Check ribbon cable for breaks

HRJ420U *Intermittently accepts tape, no display

*Won't load tape, capstan not working

*Display IC s/m D16312GB

*Resolder surface mount connector on capstan PCB

HRJ433U *In play, tape stops, ejects intermittently.

*Has display, no functions, locked

*Cold solder @ reel sensors

*Hold power, on remote for 10 seconds

HRJ440U No display, will load, no other functions IC1201(UPD16312GBM, display IC, main board
HRJ443 Will not accept cassette, no eject, basket moves freely. White plastic arm btwn. supply reel table & cam slide broke off. Replace spring.
HRJ610U *No play/FF/REW

*No drum, capstan function, loads/ejects

*E-clip fell off gear under main board.

*Bad D402, S-clock line

HRJ620U No play, ff,rew. Push down on cassette,it works On right side of basket, tab which holds spring, on gear, is broken.
HRJ622U Display dead IC UPD16312GB, s/m on display PCB.
HRJ630 Dead, fuse OK R905 220K
HRJ633U Will not turn on, "auto" in display. Press powerbutton, on remote, for 7 secs.
HRJ643U *Tape jammed, no response from panel

*Loads, then ejects tape

*Press power button, on remote, for 7 secs.

*Tape in lever not activating switch

HRS4500 No response from power button. Parental lock-press power, on remote, for 7 seconds.
HRS4700U *Dead

*VCR goes dead on rew/ff, including no display.

*Replace IC1, check caps in power supply

*Caps in power supply, C16(47.50v), C19(270/25v)

HRS5000 Playback pic only on bottom half. C6, 3.3 smd on cylinder motor.
HRS5000U No video p/b~tuner Check solder at RCA video out jack.
HRS6700 *Intermittently no display, doesn't turn on.

*Blue screen in play back-or half pic

*C14, 120/6.3V, in power supply.

*C6 (3.3/50v smd) cap on drum pcb.

HRVP75U Video jitters, sounds like grinding when capstan is rotating IC401, BU2882S
HRVP412U Cylinder will not turn CP401
HRVP422U Dead, power supply fails to start Open, R804, R805 or R806, Check C812.
HRVP450U Pinch roller not engaging Pinch roller lever slipping out of track, above cam gear.
HRVP453U When plugged in, auto flashes & clock sets itself Press power, on remote, for 7 secs.
HRVP604U Sparkles in picture, of most tapes Remove upper drum, clean brass grounding washer, under steel washer.
HRVP606U *Drum doesn't turn

*No drum rotation, p/b, FF or REW

*No control of FF-REW-Pause from front panel


*Clean pins on basket plug to main board

*Clean contacts of front panel to main board

HRVP624U Metal clips fall out when bottom cover is removed Used to ground bottom cover, insert from bottom.
HRVP646U *No response from power button.

*Drum changes speed, intermittently, pic loses sync.

*Loading problems, split washer holding control plate comes off.

*Hold power nbutton, on remote, for 7 secs.

*Bad solder IC on CCT. board, top of drum.

*Replace control cam #LP20003-001A, plate #LP10004-0001B

HRVP656U Eject problems. Drive gear #LP30243-001D
SR1901U Commercial unit, dead C9, 2.2uf/50V
SR3250 (HRJ410U) *No display

*No display, all functions work

*D860(RD15ES-T1B1), Check R803

*Check ribbon cable for breaks