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HS52U Won't load cassette, powers off. Clean, replace mode sw, check solder
HS54U *Intermittent tracking, speed ctrl pulse

*Intermittent shut down in play, no eject.

*VCR in lock mode

*Check C2, capstan pcb-10/25v, replace w/50v

*Cracked capstan motor pulley-epoxy back on.

*Press display button for 10 secs.

HS305UR Red/blue vertical color bars in lower 2/3 of pic, occasional distortion. Clean out relay on board under head wheel.
HS330 Take up reel will not turn during play. Q574
HS337UR *No mechanism function, display lit.

*Few segments of display lit, channel # flashing.

*No audio

*C9A1-220/25v cap in power supply

*Set tuning switch to off

*Bias at IC3A0 is 5v, should be 2.5v, C3B8 is leaky

HS339UR Dead D9B1 (264P34204)/D9B2(264P34209), Q9A2.
HS349 Dead, no display. Inserting tape has no effect. Open traces R9B0 & R9B1
HS410UR No color in play back/rec. C6A0 (3.3/50v) #4 of IC6A0
HS411UR Display flashes, tape loads, shuts down. Remove glue off power board
HS413UR Dead, no display. Power reg, near head amp, use 2SD669
HS421UR Cassette ejects right away. Mode switch.
HS430U Segments in display randomly move Crystal X5A1 p/n 285P235010.
HS3371UR Takes tape, then ejects, takes tape again Clean mode switch, replace w/ arrow 45 deg, clockwise;, check carriage switches.
HS3381UR Will not accept, load motor weak. C9A1, 220uf, use 35v.
HS4113UR *Will not take tape, shuts down

*No tuner function, missing 30 volt

*D903 shorted

*Conductive glue damaged pcb @ Q903, IC901

HS5424UA No video, RCA inputs C906(47/40v), C904(3300/25v) in power supply
HSE11 Will not FF/REW, shuts down Check solder contacts @ solenoid.
HSU20(HSU30) *No color self rec, pre-rec., OK

*Goes to stop after a short time

*P/b, no color

*Check for open LPF6A0

*Bad connection C612

*L6A0 (325C16700) off IC6A0

HSU28 White specks in video Re-solder tuner grounds, pcb mounting, amp pcb connection to main pcb.
HSU30(HSU20) *No color self rec, pre-rec., OK

*Goes to stop after a short time

*P/b, no color

*Check for open LPF6A0

*Bad connection C612

*L6A0 (325C16700) off IC6A0

HSU31 *Goes into fwd. search, when play is pressed

*Cassette goes in, gets ejected.

*Check solder IC1 on capstan motor.

*Replace center LED D570(264P307020), end sensors-Q571, 572(264P014020).

HSU32 *Distorted video output from tuner, intermittent roll.

*Stuck on channel 2, won't advance.

*C908(47/50v), Q901, in power supply

*Auto set channels.

HSU35 *Cassette goes in, gets ejected. *Replace center LED D570(264P307020), end sensors-Q571, 572(264P014020).
HSU48 *Erractic display and sys control

*Lines in play back video, RF & A/V jacks

*Re-solder, or replace D9B3

*Tighten screws on pre-amp board

HSU51 *Noise in p/b pic.

*Cassette goes in, gets ejected

*Check ground to C246, on head amp

*Replace center LED D570(264P307020), end sensors-Q571, 572(264P014020).

HSU52 *No color in record

*Stops after a few secs.

*Drum speed to fast.

*Erractic display.

*Parts ID

*HI-FI audio distorted

*Play back video poor, like faint negative.



*2.5 at 10 of IC4A0, replace.

*Q901, in power supply

*D910 HZ30-2 #264P104040

*Clean VR350

*Leaky caps top PCB,right hand corner,all 10/50v

HSU54 *Parts ID

*Cassette goes in, gets ejected

*Parts ID

*No display

*R903(100 ohm, 1/4 w), R904(3.3k, 1/4 w)

*Replace center LED D570(264P307020), end sensors-Q571, 572(264P014020).

*D909, D912 264P500020(EM01Z); D910-264P104040(HZ30-2)

*C909(0.1), D909(EM01Z-264P50020), R904(3.3k-1/4w), D910(hz30-2/264P104040

HSU55 No capstan movement Replace 10uf smd cap on capstan pcb, repair traces.
HSU56 *Need to assist cassette to eject.

*Display very dim

*Nylon pulley, on capstan is cracked/loose, roughen and epoxy back on.

*D910-30v zenere in power supply.

HSU61 No ff/rew, will play, rew/ff search Brake latch solenoid L570(299P124010)
HSU62 No drum rotation D570, start sensor 264P307020.
HSU65 *No display or functions

*Won't load cassette, powers off

*Bad trace-emitter Q971

*C-6 on capstan pcb, check trace.

HSU80 *Lines in pic, when unit is cold.

*Intermittent breaks,crinkles in ff/rew.

*Replace small electrolyitcs in power supply.

*Check tape path, capstan motor. Add 68K-1/4 w in parallel w/ R5K9.

HSU110 Plays fine for 10-20 mins, then tracking goes off. Replace pinch roller, even if it looks fine.
HSU120(HSU270, 420, 520, 570) Dead, fuse open, R902 open. Kit #UPWR(Mitsu), Q901, Q902, R907, C906, R902.
HSU200 White sparkles in p/b SP Solder wire on head amp shield, to ch 3-4 housing.
HSU430 (HSU530) *Stops in play, ff, rew, counter advances

*Plays one hour, then stops. Press play, plays for 5 secs.

*D5CC & D5A9, led sensors, MCM #25-480

*Replace all 12 sensors, 4-789C026010, 8-268P076010.

HSU500 No capstan servo control, control pulse missing at pin 2 of IC4A0 Check C4A1 (22/16v), off pin 4 of IC4A0
HSU510 Part ID for large gear on carriage CM-JDECK from Mitsu, or loacl distributor.
HSU530 (HSU430) *Part ID for large gear on carriage

*Plays one hour, stops, press play-plays 5 secs.

*CM-JDECK from Mitsu, or loacl distributor.

*Replace all 12 sensors 4-789C026010, 8-268P076010

HSU570 *Loading tape, goes part way, then ejects


*Plastic rail, on cassette housing, cracked

*R902-2.7 ohm, 2 watt

HSU760 *Locks up intermittently. Display shows pl, ff, rew, but no movement.

*Intermittent counter stops

*Clean, replace mode switch

*Replace clutch

HSU770 Eats tapes Idler(522B057030)
HSU775 E-2 on display, no RF output C5A0 battery cap replace, then hold power for 8 secs.