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VCR repair tips

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DX1000U EE Video flashes on/off, audio OK Remove glue from IC201, glue is conductive
DX8000U RF out to TV, goes to snow when fitting is flexed. Remove/resolder fittings
N906 Capstan inop in play FG sensor on motor board
N915U Tracking lines. Right guide post lifted off rail, catching on V-stop. Slightly form up rail at V-stop.
N916U Jumpy pic, worse when rotating sharpness control IC-AN3321K
N961U Heavily distorted video, audio buzz Lube capstan shaft.
NVR3500 REW/FF only work on some tapes, intermittent. Ratchet lever 333-208A, between sensor PCB & cam
101,102,103 VC4709A Dead D911, 5.1v zener in power supply
Penney's, JC
686-6182 No power, no display(except for 1sec. at power up. C15, C16 in power supply
686-6184 Dead unit C15, C16 (330/6.3v)