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TVCP0900 Dead unit C515(10/100v), C519(1800/25v), C520(2200/25v), C521
TVCR0950 *AC dead, DC hour-glass pic & rolling

*Decreased vertical.

*Hair-line fracture near Q503

*Enter service mode (Unplug TV 30 mins to reset clock, press vol dn on TV, #9 on remote) select vert size, use volume +/- to adjust.



*No hor/vert. sync.

*Distorted audio, TV only. VCR audio fine.

*Push power, relay clicks, second later clicks off. VCR takes tape, loads, unloads, shuts down.

*Regulated voltages drop, relay clicks

*Dead, may accept tape, but no eject

*Part ID

*Check for 10vdc, pin 2(IC604), pin 10 (CP820) run jumper.

*Dirty contacts on audio inputs.

*Change horizontal output transistor 2SC1427(ECG2331)

*Replace HOT(Q406), C418

*D121(5.6v zener) off IC101(pin 11-14), ICP502 in power supply

*D512(ECG579), D610(ECG519)

TVCR1921A No power on IC101 (OEC3025A), tv micro
VP0040 *Eractic operation.

*Will not eject.

*Clean and increase tension on mode rotary switch, to main board connector.

*Cam gear 850P400342; Cam P5 850P400344, on deck warped; Cam pinch roller 850P400343; Joint cam 850P900561.

VR0100 Capstan running slow Oil motor
VR0101 No audio in play back, no A/V in EE R515, D515 in power supply
VR0220 *Pulls tape out, sluggish rew/ff.

*No load, eject.

*Turn on/power off, will not accept tape.

*Take up reel came apart underneath.

*Replace LED #0001300030 & prism #850 7400 411

*Clean mode switch

VR0400 Tracking not working, picture jumps. Supply side tape guide. Broken on bottom.
VR0419 10 second shut down, ejects power off, no load Replace LED W/ SLR-938C-4AB
VR0420 Eats tapes Replace split ring, on supply, rew gear with e-clip.