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VH230 No pic, audio OK C16(330uf) in power supply
VH435(VG4205 GE) No tuner audio Q9001(2SD601) on MTS board-9v reg.
VH5270 Streaks in play back video C15, C16, C18, C19-may check fine in circuit
VH5371 Appears dead C15, 330/6.3v in power supply
VH5758(MV758 PV1740) Carriage side plate VXAS0742
VH6400 Intermittent button function Repair push connector on right side of cassette housing
VH6425 *Drum motor jitters, then shuts off.

*Intermittent black & white, drum ticking/turning slow.

*330/6.3v cap in power supply

*C1016, (330/6.3v) in power supply

VHQ760(PVM7450, PVM7451, PVM8200) *Powers up, will not take tape

*Capstan runs at high speed in play.

*Pin broken on drive rack arm, p/n VMLS0976

*C6208(1/50v), on capstan fg line near P6002, also C6221-(22/6.3v)

PVM2023 Takes tape, rejects it Open tact sw. marked 'cassette in'
VV1308 HOT shorted Replace HOT, check R802 (10k, 1/2 watt)
VV1315 Dead, no fuses blown, no B+ Q523 E-C shorted
VV2016 Dead Q523(2SA564-ECG290A), replace back before checking VCR
VV2205 VCR ok, TV won't turn on. Q801-base low Q521, Q522, Q523
VV7220 *VCR works, no TV

*Short pic

*AFT works after warm up

*C553(2200p/2kv), R804, R802, Q551(NTE2302), IC801(STR30130)


*C722(0.47/50v) tuner section

VV8220 No channel 12, 66, tuning voltage 17v, instead of 30v C7008, off tuner