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Several models No chroma, video looses sync. Bad solder @ C310, 312, 325, 326, 329, 331, 361. Or use p/n 2203-0022793. Ceramic chip 1uf/25v
CXB1922 *Buzz from power supply

*Dead, power light blinks

*Check power supply caps, Q1, Q2, C09 & C810 on TV PCB, 470/16v

*C09(22uf BP) in VCR power supply

CXC1313 Shuts off in pl, ff, rew Replace reel sensors
CXJ2512 VCR runs fast in SLP IC601
MVR2000C Audio/video fade out Q106 on main board, in center, 1in. from back. Remove glue.
MVR2100C Shuts down No B+ regulation, replace C810 in primary SMPS.
MVR3150 VCR not working, no play/eject C09 22/16v in power supply.
VM3105 *Vertical trouble, Hor lines at top/bottom

*Sound comes/goes, tap on VCR to cause.

*Resolder D307, next to vertical chip KA2131 and vert pins

*Resolder CN302, IC304 pins on VCR pcb, check all solder in audio section.

VM3003 White screen, no operation Poor solder, Q106, VCR board, power supply
VM6003 No TV mode pic, ejects cassette, drum doesn't turn. Bad solder Q106
VM6105 No TV reception/VCR normal. IC301(LA7323)
VR1000 Counter doesn't advance, shuts down after 3 secs Chip D75104CW027
VR2310 No reel pulse @ micro R642 open
VR3300( VR300, VR330, VG2001, VG2007, VR3300, M221) *Video drum over speeds

*No capstan movement.

*Drum motor spins too fast, shuts down.

*In play, pic pulses from good to snow.

*No load or intermittent

*Eats tapes, capstan not rotating

*Repair connection from head circuit to fg coil.

*Check D112, replace 10 uf cap on capstan pcb, repair traces.

*Loose connections, drum stator pcb, esp. J2, J3

*Adjust AC head, replace 10uf cap on capstan pcb.

*D112, 12v supply.

*C6, 10/25v, capstan pcb, repair trace

VR3602 Won't load, unload cassete. Side plate, cassette-221066.
VR3604 Dead, no display C09-22/16v BP, in power supply
VR3700 *No sound on p/b or TV

*Spills tape in unit, bump unit and snow.

*Drum has no torque.

*Repair broken traces to audio pin on RF

*Mode switch, solder W381

*C102 in power supply

VR3702 No functions, has display, won't accept tape. C25, 22/16v, in power supply.
VR3705 No power, humming from power supply 43v zener, in secondary of power supply
VR3803 *Clock blinks, no power up


*C09-22/50v, BP in power supply.

*C09, 22/50v BP in power supply

VR5604 Dead, open fuse. Q1(2SC5039F), Q2(KTC3203Y), C4(4.7/200V), C9(22/16vBP)
VR5608 In safe mode Hold TV/VCR, on remote for 30 seconds.
VR5702 Display flashes, won't accept tape. C09, C04, C14, in power supply.
VR5703 *Dead, or flashing display

*When inserting tape, light goes out, tape doesn't load.

*Power pulsates on/off

*C05, C09, C14 in power supply

*33V power supply line is 7-9v, replace transformer.

*C14 (47/50v) in power supply

VR5704 Dead, fuse open Q1(C5039F-218959), Q2(KTC3203Y--212671), C4(4.7/200v), C9(22/16v-np)
VR5711(VG2016, VR2010, VG4016, VG4216, VR301, VR335, VR505, VR515, VR660HF) *Tape loading, head wheel not spinning, very slow cassette load & tape eating. OR>

*Intermittent bad color, ver/hor sync, then blue screen. OR>

*Not completely ejecting D114 cathode should be 14 volts.OR>

*No capstan in Play -D114 cathode should be 14 volts.OR>

*Unit is dead (D1103, D1104 cathode should be 9 volts.)

*Will go into play, but returns to stop. Tape not taken back in. D110 cathode should be 13v in play.

For all of these:

Use RCA kit #216135. Includes 7 diodes, 1N4001, D1103, 1104, 108, 109, 110, 112, 114

VR5802 Intermittent & won't timer record Resolder front button mountings, re-solder tape end sensors.
VR8700 Intermittently dead C16(330/35v), C17(1000/35v), C21(1/60v)
VR8702 *Looses power when tape is insertd

*Broken slide and carriage(won't accept)


*RCA #221066, basket #221563

VR8704 Dead, heating power supply restores Q01, 2SC4418(Upgrade)
VR8803 *Slow to power up, display erractic or dead unit.


*CP09(22/16v BP) in power supply

*IC1(PC817), IC2(S431C), R14(100 ohm) in power supply

VT3240 *Capstan errractic, slow.


*Defective cap in 6v line of p/s-220/16v

*C04, C09, ZD6(30v zener), check D04 all in power supply

VT3260C *Doesn't load tape, clock flashes

*Dead, no display

*22uf cap in p/s, replace with 33uf

*C04, C09, ZD6(30v zener), ZD4(18v zener) in power supply

VT4240C Dead, no display. C09, C04
VKX306 Dead C35(470/16v) in power supply