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SV301 VCR would operate, then display would die, no operation 3-legged crystal 8Mhz poor. Can use 2-legged crystal 1/2 height, HC-9. Change C607, C608.
TRS924 Error code ER-0215 Take up reel not working
VCA610U Loads tape, no capstan 10/25v cap on capstan pcb, check traces
VHR1600 Goes into play for 2 secs, then shuts down, counter advances. Check solder at cylinder PCB.
VHR2250 Powers on, will not accept tape. STK5482
VHR2900 Accepts tape, roller goes to full, then returns to stop. No motor movement STK5482
VHR2900 Cassette stuck in unit, still laced up. IC401 main
VHR5220 Parts ID D63-16v zener
VHR5406 Will not take in excess tape during eject. Clean capstan brake
VHR9200 Won't eject tape or accept cassette, cylinder/capstan rotate. Loading gear, just ahead of load motor, broken tooth. p/n 6130222534
VHR9413A Occasionally won't retract tape fully. Replace brake shoe, near capstan
VHR9433 No video from tuner or tape, just noise. R1503 6.8K, 1/4 watt-right of tuner
VHR9600 No functions other than cassette load Check for broken brake shoe post. Repair by screwing in fine thread screw.
VWM30 Dead Power supply kit #07-1575
VWM220 Tape loads, capstan, cylinder do not rotate Q5102
VWM338 No cassette load, no load motor Slider is out of align w/ cassette and deck gears.
VWM350 No rewind, leaves tape hanging out Brake band #613 160 5282
VWM362 Won't load tape or no eject IC302(LB1643)
VWM650 Open fuse D5001, Q5001(2SK2434), DZ5109(shorted)
VWM672 Dead, fuse OK Replace R5002, R5003 (180K, 1/4 watt)
SVR480 Tape loads, shuts down. Cylinder doesn't spin Q320 open B-C, 2SD1111. Replace IC2001, servo control. (OEC1092C)