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Late model Will not accept, eject. Plastic joint, to load motor, in cassette housing broke.
EV-C25 Tape guides load 1/2 way Replace reel lock plate & worm gear
HCDH1200 Dead Q791 shorted (2SD1388-ECG382)
KV13M21 Dead IC103-6v reg in VCR section


*No high voltage, VCR OK, +114 to FBT OK


*Tape stuck, no TV, has raster OS OK

*Replace open FR1810(100 ohm/1 watt).

*IC103, on VCR main board. 6V regulator.

*FR1805, 0.68/2w resistor on main



*No high voltage, VCR OK, +114 to FBT OK


*Tape stuck, no TV, has raster, OS OK

*Replace open FR1810(100 ohm/1 watt).

*IC103, on VCR main board. 6V regulator.

*FR1805, 0.68/2w resistor on main board

SLS600 Will not load, unload Check PS801(ICPN10), if open, replace with ICPN20
SLV50 Capstan motor chatter & garble sound Replace C1(47/16V-smd) on capstan pcb
SLV272 FF/REW don't work Replace cam switch
SLV353UC Dead ZD207 in power supply (16B2)
SLV400 *On playback, different width vertcal bars

*Tape stuck, no eject

*IC801 (8-759-046-75)

*Double pulley, under deck doesn't engage. Clean/lube.

SLV440 Intermittently eats tapes on eject Clean mode switch
SLV555UC *Dead

*Loads, no REW, FF. Eject OK

*Stops on REW search

*Eractic eject

*D5S4F, diode info.


*D207(16v zener1/2w),D202,R203,D205,C109,C105.

*R201 10 ohm, 1/4 watt

*Gear #266 missing retaining washer, cam RKB out of position.

*Broken gear on shaft of loading motor.

*P/N 8-719-500-70(ECG6083)

*D207(16v zener), C105, C109, check D202

SLV575 Video cuts in/out, audio OK Re-solder chokes 101, 102, IC4 on YC-59 btwn. deck&p/s
SLV585HF *Blue screen

*Parts ID


*Reel sensors-8-759-144-33; End sensors-8-729-926-31

SLV595HF *Dead, display lit, no power

*Plays for 15-60 mins., then stops

*Open trace, pin77 on timer IC

*Replace capstan bearing housing

SLV640HF Eject/FF/REW problems Gear on load motor cracked.
SLV660HF Takes cassette a little, then rejects it Carriage jumped time-align and place spacer on bar, left side carriage for lift arm.
SLV675HF Sometimes won't take tape, code 42101 may appear Mode switch
SLV676UC Parts ID, p/s 1-413-532-11 SCR201~8-719-107-87; D204~8-719-981-00
SLV678HF Takes tape around heads, no cylinder rotation Mode switch
SLV690HF *No display, all functions OK

*No rewind, shows error E-2(reel)

*Won't completely load.

*R181, main pcb, 10 ohm, 1/2 watt

*Mode switch.

*Cam/load gears 695816107 & 395815603, align housing.

SLV695HF Tape load, eject inop., no 12v to motor Q601 (MSD601)-8-729-010-25
SLV696HF Tears tape during eject Remove t/u arm, lubricate.
SLV700HF *Playback video bad

*Tape difficult to load, hangs up

*Plays OK, won't eject tape.

*IC801, head amp

*Check tension of two leaf springs on top of housing.

*Mode switch.

SLV740HF Intermittently ejects, or bad timing Impeller on load motor cracked, worm gear not engaging impeller
SLV750HF *Accepts tape, hangs on eject.

*Snowy video, in p/b

*Missing plastic, tape pull rides on, find under gear.

*IC801, head amp.

SLV757 Dead D207, shorted (16v,1w), 8-719-118-96, & C109
SLV757UC Tracking lines C1, on lower drum board
SLV760HF Parts ID Brake /tension band X-3943-886-1; Clutch RKB block A-6739-102-A
SLV770HF Plays or rec for 5 mins to 2 hrs, stops intermittently Replace reel sensors, kit #A-6759-840-B
SLV777 Capacitor kit for p/s. # A-6759-574-A
SLV780HF Dead, no clock ICP PS123(ICPN25)
SLV798HF Dead, blows black-line fuse. Q102(ECG2505), foil path stripped from Tx leads.
SLV900UF No rew/FF P/N A-6759-480-B, end sensor kit.
SLV960HF Will not load cassette, door won't open Remove screw next to right side plate, install washe to prevent movement.
SLV998HF Gears ID--- 3-977-446-01-Gear TG8 arm(under arm); 3-977-445-01, Gear TG8 arm driving;

3-977-442-01, slider; 3-97-439-01, main cam

SLVR5UC No audio from HI-FI track-track is detected On HF-9 PCB, replacew C033, C056, 10/25v cap.
SVO1420 Won't take up tape (Commercial unit) Clutch gear hangs on axle. Dis-assemble clutch, lube shaft