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3813LC Power shuts off after a few seconds, load motor tries to run in unload direction IC201 syscon micro
L13TRG(TVCR13G, F13TRG1) *Pic pulled in from sides

*Play mode shuts down in 10 secs.


*C601(C4953), runs HOT. Replace w/ 2SC4507

*D205 LED (QPQSSLR938CV), Prism (OVM302723)

*Power supply Q601, D618, C602, R614

LV426G Stops in playback 20 secs., then ejects, tape-in light blinks Replace center LED, note polarity before removal.
WLTR13G Power surge Q605, D620, D670(ECG5018A)
VC2233SL01 *When record, especially EP, intermittent audio/video, goes to gray

*Power goes off in 5 secs.

*Adjust AC head

*Replace broken gear, on right side of carriage, that has coil spring.

VC4115AT01 Audio, no video, blank raster, tuner and tape IC1, luminance signal
VC4142 Pulsating lines in pic, tuning and play back. C11, 330/6.3v in power supply.
VC8936AT01 *Power supply buzzes

*No display.

*C15, C16 330/6.3, in power supply

*R11, 10 ohm.

VCR783 Dead, no display/functions C15, C16 in power supply (330/16v)
VTH246 *Switches on, loads tape. When play is pressed, goes to stand-by

*No HI-FI, play/rec.

*Picture bounces.

*If lower drum turns slightly, replace.

*Bad heads.

*Left guide post, replace.