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13TVCRMKIII No video playback, or tuner Q101 (2SC1685) or IC101(TLP651)
5200 Will not accept tape Bad loading motor
5900 Intermittent snow in picture 16v cap, lower drum
6450 Low audio, play back of tapes IC4001(LA7282)
6460 SP plays fine for 10 secs, the goes out of sync, EP plays too fast C21, 1/50v
6470 Heads spin, no tape load, no display 330/16v (C20) in power supply
6480 *Shuts down after 15 secs.

*Loads tape, no play, goes into FF/REW

*Check for bad solder @ reel sensors, or replace.

*Replace end sensors.

7560 Blue screen Adjust ribbon between head and output board.
7570 *Dirty heads symptoms

*When ejecting, pulls tape back in

*Clean heads, check tension band condition.

*C20(330/10v), C21(1000/6.3v)

7860 Intermittent play/rec., capstan shaft binds. Remove rust and clean shaft.
SC3813 *Parts ID

*SMPS shuts down after 0.01 sec, even with deflection PCB and deck unplugged

*TV fine-VCR audio cannot be changed-no OSD


*T/U guide post-OVSA 08858(4835 4645 7446); Led prism-OVM 202238(4835 4029 7745)

*Replace FBT

*Disable rental mode, replay and auto eject.

*D612, short in bridge, C609(220/200v) and fuse GMA4.0

SC3819 Shuts down, HV comes on for an instant, p/s OK R545(5.6) & IC541(LA7837-ECG7104)
SE226G Squeal from power supply Q2, C13, in power supply shorted
SE426D *Moving guide supply-OVSA06934


*Loud sound load & eject

*No load

*Tries to take empty tray

*Moving guide take up-OVSA06935

*82uf cap in power supply.

*Lubricate load motor.

*D511, LED #QPQSSLR938CV & end sensor #Q503, Q504-ST-316R2-B

*Slide on right side of basket is one tooth off, blocking end sensor. Easier to load the tray, then try to line up the gears by the arrows

SL2860 Parts ID Idler--OVSA08820, Clutch--OVSA08859
SSC090 Tape stuck, runs 3 secs, shuts off Record/cassette down lever broke
SV431E Plays/records 5-30 secs, shuts off, tears edge of tape Pinch roller bearings bad
TVVCR most Dead Check 6 v regulators, check power supply caps for low esr.
TVCR9D1 *Shuts down 2-5 minutes

*Pic size pulses in/out

*Q10212 leaky (KTA1318/SK10094)

*Q1011(2SB1136), Q1012(2SA1318-NTE294)

TVCR9F1 No pic, has HV and audio C1581 on main board
TVCR9G Plays 20-30 secs LED D501(QPQSSLR938CV), prism 302723
TVCR9G1 SMPS does not run R1605, 18k/1w; C1622, 47/16v; or Q602
TVCR9GL Intermittently looses tracking Replace pinch roller
TVCR13B Has raster, no video. On screen OK, no VCR op Bad +12 v. . Replace IC01(AN7812F)
TVCR13B1 Dead, fuse OK C1026(470/10v), D1010-36v zener
TVCR13E1 *Dead

*Goes into play, but plays fast.


*Check solder at capstan PCB.

TVCR13F1W Power supply problems Bad solder on relay 601 in low voltage supply.
TVCR13G1(L13TRG, F13TRG1) *Dead

*Parts ID

*Shuts down in 10 secs. of pressing play

*Q605 blown, D620 shorted.

*Picture pulls in from sides

*Play mode shuts down 10 secs.


*Q601-shorted(2SC4507), D605, 606(ECG125), D618(ECG5127A)

*Main cam, OVM100638, REF B358

*Replace center LED

*D670 (ECG5018A) shorted

*Q601(2SC4953) runs hot, replace w/ 2SC4507

*D205 LED(QPQSSLR938CV), Prism(OVM302723)

*Power supply Q601, D618, C602, R614

TVCR19E1 Dead Q601, R614, D601
TVCR19F *Dead, power supply OK

*Set turns off

*No audio

*IC670 or IC671, on main board bad or bad connections.

*Bad connection on FBT and D573

*Bad trace from C801 beside earphone jack

TVCR19G1 TV plays OK, VCR shuts down after 20 mins of play Clean prisms.
TVCRG1 Bottom half of play back pic is snow Tension arm not engaging-mode lever broke-B38