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CV27D48 *Tape stuck inside, no raster, no VCR function.

*Only power button, on front panel, works-VCR no function

*Replace 2.5 amp pica fuse.

*Broken trace 0.1F cap next to micro

M64C *Dead, display flickers when plugged in.

*Will not accept tape

*Q1, Q2, IC2, C09, C04,C25,Z06,Z05,C14,C15,C16,C19

*Cold solder LED (LD601)

M65 *Plays 5 secs., then stop

*No power

*T/U reel sensor #70796241

*IC01, in power supply

M120C F802 open C620(1000/6.3), D606(1N4148)
M221( VR300, VR330, VG2001, VG2007, VR3300,) *No capstan movement.

*Drum motor spins too fast, shuts down.

*In play, pic pulses from good to snow.

*No load or intermittent

*Eats tapes, no capstan rotation.

*Check D112, replace 10uf, on capstan PCB, repair traces.

*Loose connection, drum stator pcb, esp. J2, J3

*Adjust AC head, replace 10uf cap on capstan pcb.

*D112, 12 volt supply

*C6, 10/25v capstan pcb, repair trace

M222C( VR301 VR335 VR505 VR515 VR660HF VG2010 VG2016 VG4016 VG4216 *Dead, no display

*Will not accept, eject cassette.

*No capstan rotation

*In play, returns to stop, FF/REW OK

*Dead, no capstan, will not accept or no play.

*Cathode of D1103 or 1104 <3v, normal=9v(1N4001)

*Cathode of D114 <5v, norm=14v (1N4001)

*D114 cathode<5v, norm=14v (1N4001)

*D110 cathode <5v (pl/rec), norm=13v; 15v in FF/REW. Repl. D108, 109, 110(1N4001)

*Kit # 216135, includes 7 diodes (1N4001)to repair various problems.

M228C Display flashes at turn on C09, 22/16v- in power supply
M261 Power on, basket loads empty Bad solder at tape end sensors, or replace.
M264 (M454 M474) Tuning problems Ch31-36 Add 1uf/50v cap to AFT pin of tuner to ground.
M420C Poor tape tracking, rollers not against stops. Replace broken t/s arm cam gear.
M441 Blows fuse, only when connected to main board. C620(3300/6.3v)
M445 Intermittent ejects Clean mode switch on carriage.
M447 No capstan movement C6 on capstan pcb-10/25v.
M447C Not enough voltage to capstan Replace regulator KA33V, beside tuner. 16v instead of 33v.
M448 Scrambled video Head drum is on in reverse. Align oblong hole w/ round one.
M449 Pulls tape off course, esp. bad during FF scan. Too much t/u torques, replace clutch
M454(M264 M474) Tuning problems Ch31-36 Add 1uf/50v cap to AFT pin of tuner to ground.
M459 No power C09, in power supply
M460 Tape stuck, power led flashing C09, Q01 in power supply
M474(M264 M454) Tuning problems Ch31-36 Replace regulator KA33V, beside tuner. 16v instead of 33v.
M621 No display Check for +5.6v, STK7253, if missing, replace.
M649 *At power on, drum spins out of control.

*Slow to power up, then pulsates

*In play, pic pulses from good to snow.


*C09 (22ufBP)

*Adjust AC head, replace 10uf cap on capstan pcb.

M650(M660) *Dead, no display.

*Channels don't change, no response from remote


*Replace micro

M653 Dead Q804, Q805
M656 Plays few seconds, then stops. Check solder at end sensors.
M659 *Tape stuck, won't eject.

*WOW in audio, HOR jitter on rec.

*Nylon pulley, on capstan cracked. Roughen and epoxy.

*Clean-lube or replace capstan bearings, check belt pulley.

M660(M650) *Dead, no display.

*Channels don't change-no response from remote


*Replace micro

M661 *Intermittenly cuts off

*Takes cassette, ejects 3 secs, no EE video. 5v missing servo IC201

*Re-solder end sensors, or replace

*Resolder connections at IC101 & peripheral components

M671 *Cylinder speed erractic after 1-2 hrs.

*No audio, tuner/play back.

*Dim display

*RCA stator kit #229296

*C964 off IC920 (on board in back)

*C821, in power supply

M725 Tape load inop Loading lever broke under mode cam, p/n 224988(RCA)
M752 *Shuts off in 10 secs., cassette-in lit

*Part ID


*Supply guide post, 70031349

M759 No load, stuck tape Capstan pulley cracked-repair.
M760J Part ID-cam follower arm(moves tray) 70363446-cam lever
M782 No power, no display Q801
M5320 Video/audio plays in Eno matter what speed is selected. IC501
M5420 Won't load tape, gears broke. +Back cam gear (834-163)+Left middle slide(834-164)+Front slide(834-165)
M6555C *Herringbone patterns on play back

*Snow bands, lines of interference pl/rec

*Missing shield on DC-DC, Z801 on power 2 PCB

*Pinch roller, VPR20

SV970 Dead, no display IC813, C812, C813