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Montgomery Wards VCR repair tips

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Montgomery Wards
JFA12492 Set shuts off when cassette is inserted or play is pressed. Clean oxide off mode contacts
JSJ10613 *Accepts tape, then rejects it

*No response from panel controls, display shows mode.

*Mode switch

*Mode switch

JSJ10621(VC2230U, VCA5650U, VCA206U) *No capstan

*No ff/rew

*Takes empty carraige, rejects cassette

*Replace 10uf cap on capstan pcb, repair trace to ribbon cable.

*Mode switch

*Carraige switch came loose, resolder

JSJ20100(VCA5650U) *Tries to take empty tray

*No capstan, no eject


*Right side carriage levers out of place

*10uf smd cap on capstan pcb, run jumper from (+) to pin 7 ribbon cable

*Mode switch

JSJ20138 Fuse blows reg 2SC4273, shorts Replace caps, reg 2SC4273(ECG2312), Transistor 2SD2144(202415) and caps.
JSJ20433 (Admiral)Loads tape, then retracts. IC951, 9v reg. 7809