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Common failures *JVC types-Bad head switching

*Tries to load empty carriage.

*Goldstar types-No EE, intermittent, VCR light flickers.

*Replace silver smd cap, 3.3/4.7, bottom of lower drum.

*LED kit 903-01487-01

*Remove old glue from p/s connector.

SJ2765S (9-1043) *SMPS intermittent

*Dark on left side, black dots on right

*Open resistor in series with b+ to FBT


SLV1340S *Dead


*HV comes up, shuts down

*Dead, power supply pulsating

*C07(220/25v, C08(220/25v)


*Vetical IC

*Power deflection board, C12(4.7/250v), C32(100/160v),C07(220/16v), C09(4.7/160v)

SRV1300S *Unit dead


*Check ouput of IC602(6v reg), if 3v, replace.(ECG1962)

*Check IC602(KIA7806) 6v reg; IC603(KIA7805) 5v reg

SRV1304S(TVCR13E1 FL3TRE1) *Dead, No power out of power supply to CN202.

*Shuts down intermittently.

*C102(100/10v) near front corner of IC101.

*IC603(reg) 7805.

SRV1341W LA7837 replaced, screen control causes bright/retrace. L572(33uH) pin 8 FBT
SVM1341 *Accepts tape, only plays FF mode. Will stop/eject.

*Plays for a while, then stops. Or doesn't come on.

*Replace capstan motor.

*Replace LED

TVBR0912Z *Accepts, then rejects cassette, posts do not extend Clean cassette in switch
TVBR0921Z *Accepts, then rejects cassette, posts do not extend Clean cassette in switch
TVR1920 *As soon as AC is applied, t/u reel turns continuosly

*Part ID

*Dead, capstan spinning

*6v reg, on VCR board 12v-in; out is less than 6v(7806??)

*Plastic guide that pulls tape to roller. (948-10009)

*6V reg IC101(KIA7806P)

TVSR1302S Tries to load empty carriage Broken prism #OVM302723(Funai)
VCP351 Tape drags on play back-audio distorted Replace pinch roller, clean ACE
VM4155 Dead, fuse OK Replace open RP03 (1 Mohm)
VR420 Power on, load motor runs, gears click IC204 (GL7445), loading motor IC
VR520HF No display C-33 decreased in value
VR1810 *Tape in is lit, ejects cassette & motor keeps runningNo auto power up, no PL, FF, REW.

*Symptoms of dirty heads, worse in EP. Color in/out, when no pic, either gray raster, or hor control way off

*Voltage regulator STK

*Voltage regulator STK

VR1820-1 Press power, no response. Display is lit. Will take tape, no cylinder movement STK5481
VR1830 Jammed, no function Replace idler tire, load belt,re-time
VR2106 Dead, fuse OK RP03 open
VR2107 *Erractic operation, shuts down, may eject

*Intermittent shut down, sometimes will load/eject.

*LED kit 903-01487-01

*ZD104(903-10123-6.2v zener), showing 5.85v out.

VR3010 *Front panel display, partially displayed, changing channels *D16 on timer PCB
VR3010 *Won't load tape, carriage gear broke *Gears/834-163(Back cam), 834164(L. middle slide)

834-164 (Front slide)

VR4105 No power, no display D01, D02
VR4106 Won't go into VCR mode LED kit
VR4107 Intermittent shut down, sometimes will load/eject. D104(903-10123-6.2v zener), showing 5.85v out.
VR4127 Intermittent shut down, sometimes will load/eject. D104(903-10123-6.2v zener), showing 5.85v out.
VR4137 *Carriage tries to load empty tray

*Intermittent shut down, sometimes will load/eject.

*LED sensor

*D104(903-10123-6.2v zener), showing 5.85v out.

VR4156(4176.4256.4276) *Time runs fast

*Cassette load inop,

*Turn off auto clock set--From tech support, this unit does not have the crystal.

*IC506 (905-10151)

VR4176(4156.4256.4276) *Time runs fast

*Cassette load inop,

*X901-4.0 Mhz, p/n 903-01521, or 903-01501

*IC506 (905-10151)

VR4185 Plays 5 minutes, stops, goes into demo Power unit off, hold FF,SP,EP until exit appears
VR4206HF(GHV1905M) Tries to accept empty carriage, won't go into play LED, Goldstar#ODL331100AB, Zenith #903-01487-01. **Make note of anode lead before removal.
VR4207HF *Dead, no display Cassette in inop.

*Tape loads, then ejects, or REW

*D501 (1N4003) near tuner

*LD501 (903-01487-01)

VR4226HF *Dead, power surge *Q1(2SC4419), RP20(2.7/2w), CP09(100/200v), RP03(1M)
VR4227HF *Tape loads, then ejects, or REW

*Display shows "ERR" when powered on.

*LD501 (903-01487-01)

*LED 903-01487-01

VR4237HF Parts of display won't light Q511 (KTA1267 or ECG2362) Zenith #921-10003)
VR4256(4156.4176.4276) *Time runs fast

*Cassette load inop,

*X901-4.0 Mhz, p/n 903-01521, or 903-01501

*IC506 (905-10151

VR4276HF *Loses time intermittently

*Cassette load inop,

*Go to special, turn off auto clock set

*IC506 (905-10151)

VR4276HF(4156.4176.4256) Time runs fast X901-4.0 Mhz, p/n 903-01521, or 903-01501
VR4277HF Tries to load empty carriage LED kit 903-01487-01
VRA421 Intermittently takes cassette, rejects it LED kit 903-01487-01
VRB4125 Dead, after power surge C105(100/200v), R102(2.7/2w)
VRC200 Pix rolling 3.3uf smd, on lower cylinder, C606 near reg.
VRF160 *Dead

*Band of snow in play back

*No capstan, tape loads


*3.3/50v cap on lower drum.

*Replace CP3, cap421(1000/10v)

VRF250 *Dead

*Band of snow in play back

*No capstan, tape loads

*Band of snow in play back


*3.3/50v cap on lower drum.

*Replace CP3, cap421(1000/10v)

*3.3/50v smd cap on lower drum. Also check solder above/left of cap, 3 places.

VRF255 Poor pic half of screen 3.3 smd cap on drum PCB.
VRF510HF *No display, front buttons inop.

*Head drum will not spin

*REG STK5481

*Replace lower drum motor

VRG75(Goldstar) No EE, intermittent, VCR light flickers Bad solder at power supply connectors. Remove old glue.
VRG90 *Broken cam gear, caused by mode switch

*Plays OK, recordings are jumpy

*Replace both

*Check that e-clip, on capstan shaft, is in position.

VRG180 Load motor runs, VCR goes into shut down Open CP601(ICPF25), near RF
VRJ210 No audio on play back, VCR only. EE OK Re-solder PMD01 connector.
VRJ412 Tries to load empty tray LED kit 903-01487-01
VRJ415 *No display, or dead.

*Half pic is snow

*Dead, maybe chirp from power supply


*C6, 3.3/50v cap on lower drum.

*D14 leaky, C34 open, CP-2 open

VRJ420HF *No tuner audio-p/b OK

*Plays @ high speed, other functions OK

*Loads tape to drum, shuts off

*IC851 SBX1637-11

*C214 2.2/50v

*Cracked impellar on worm gear motor

VRJ425HF Noise bar in play back C6, 3.3/50v smd, under lower drum
VRJ428HF Looks like bad tuner C760 100/16v, near IC702
VRL2110 Snowy EE video Bad solder @ RF jacks
VRL4130 At plug in, capstan keeps running, will not accept tape. 6v reg, left corner of board (IC101)
VRL4210HF Loads tape, only FF works Mode switch
VRM2120 *Rewind noisy, p/b video jumpy

*Plays SP slow, EP fine

*Poor p/b video, tuner video. Slight wave floating up screen

*Tuner slow to lock on channel, records gray pic w/ shadows.

*Replace idler assembly & both gears next to it. Teeth bad

*Replace capstan mode


*Replace C114(1000/25v) in power supply

VRM4120 *Erractic operation

*Error on display, blinking, cassette in lit.

*No function, has power

*Has power, clock, no functions.

*Mode switch

*Check continuity IC051 pins 2.3.4 to mode switch.

*Check traces @ pins 69 & 76 of IC051.

*Pins 69&76 has coroded traces, bridge traces.

VRL4132 Rolling picture in EE C429 10/25v
VRS417 Unit loads, then unloads, pic black band in middle C103, 2200/25v in power supply
VRT415 Load, unload problems, shuts off Q5, in power supply 2SC1740 (ECG85)
VRU262 Won't accept tape Cam gear 4835 5283 7035
VRZ263 *No capstan

*Plays for 10 secs, no audio/video

*Bad solder capstan IC

*Replace center LED