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Please note this list is only for technicians of consumer electronics. The responses will be directed towards other technicians.
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Here again, this forum and mailing list are for technicians only. If you are a consumer and try to post a question on how to repair your own products, the responses will be geared toward technicians, so if you do not know how to test components, this information will not help you.

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These guidelines apply to all email lists.

If you are a consumer, we do not have time to give you detailed instructions on how to repair or operate your electronic equipment. Most manufacturers have web sites where you may obtain owners manuals and authorized service centers.
I do not want to have a lot of rules on this list. All I ask is that you show one another respect when answering a request for help. You may voice your opinion, but do not belittle other technicians. Be mature. There are a few things I ask each list member to keep in mind:
1. Please do not cross post to other lists. This creates confusion as the other lists will send out bounced emails to those that are not members. If you open new mail windows, you can copy and paste your message in each of the new mail windows and send each one separate.
2. Please always include original text when you reply to someone. Some members receive well over a hundred emails per day. It is not that hard to do. If you need help with this, please email me. ------------
3. Please be sure your posts are in plain text. We do not allow HTML emails as some members can not read them in their email programs. This site explains how to configure your email client to send in plain text.
Configuring Mail Clients to Send Plain ASCII Text

4. This is a professional mailing list, not a chat room or instant messaging. Please use caps and proper punctuation. The easier it is to comprehend your post, the more likely you'll get responses.

5. Please include a signature file in each email you send or at least you name. In most email programs, this can be added automatically, you just have to set it up one time.
6. When you press “reply”, your message will go to the list. If your reply will do the list no good, we ask that you send a private reply.  If someone has test equipment for sale, please respond privately, then the seller can post when the product is sold. Please keep idle chit-chat to a minimum by replying to the individual.
7. Please provide all the necessary information when posting to the list. A description like "Set is dead", is not enough to go on. The more information you provide, the more likely others will want to help. Things like voltage measurements, wave forms and parts you found bad are totally relevant pieces of information.

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If you do not read and follow these guidelines, you will not be allowed to post.

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