1. Do Not use cleaning tapes.

All video head cleaners are abrasive. Even wet cleaning tapes will damage
your video heads. VCR cleaning tapes clean by sanding your video heads and
will shorten the life of video heads. Replacing the video heads in your VCR
is an expensive repair. Professional cleaning is not needed that often,
generally no more than once every few years. Instead try this, Put your
machine in play mode with a known good tape and push RW speed search. Try
this for a few minutes, if your picture starts to clear up continue until
clear. (This can dislodge dirt from the video heads) If this exercise does
not solve your problem a cleaning tape will most likely not solve your

2. Do not remove a jammed tape from your VCR.

Removing a tape will probably cause damage to the carriage or the gearing. A
professional shop can remove the tape without further damage, saving you a
costly repair and the cost of replacing a video tape. If our shop is not
convenient to your area, Find a reputable shop in your area. The charge for
removing a tape in most VCR's should be minimal or no charge at all from a
reputable shop. Envionments Plus charges $7.00 for tape removal and we will do
while you wait.

3. Do not use a dust cover on your VCR while it is plugged in.

This can shorten the life of many types of VCR's, due to the design of the

4. Do not use your camcorder as a VCR player.

A camcorder is designed to be used as a camcorder. Continuous use as a VCR
player will put excessive wear on mechanisms that were not designed for this


1. Use a hi-fi Stereo tape for home recording, especially in your
camcorder. Cheaper tapes cause excessive buildup and may cause further wear
by causing excessive drag on mechanical parts.

2. During thunderstorms or power outages, unplug the VCR from the cable
connection and the electrical outlet. A surge suppressor is designed to
prevent low energy surges, not a direct hit from lightning.

3. Allow tapes and VCR's that have not been at room temperature (for
example, units that have been in your car) to stabilize at room temperature
for approximately on hour before using.

When to perform maintenance and

how much to expect to pay.

After this many tapes

What to do

Which parts

How Much

250 Clean A/C head, capstan, erase head, pinch roller, impedance roller, supply reel table, takeup reel table, video heads. $35.00 + parts $5-$10
500 Replace Video heads (upper cylinder). $45.00 + parts $50-$100 $45.00 + parts $50-$100
750 Replace Pinch roller and Clean $40.00
1000 Lubricate with Grease Loading cam gears, impedance roller shaft, roller guide tracks. Oil Supply reel shaft, take-up reel shaft. Replace Reel belt, loading motor belt, main brake spring, main brake arms (left and right). $50.00
2000 tapes Replace A/C head, erase head, supply reel table, take-up reel table. $125.00
2500 tapes Replace Cylinder unit. $125.00
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